Writing Research Papers on Drug Addiction and Drug Abuse

Writing Research Papers on Drug Addiction

The following is a stretched-out guideline for writing research papers on drug addiction and drug abuse.

It is important to focus on a specific drug when writing research papers on drug addiction and drug abuse. Being precise will enable you to focus on factors that can lead to drug addiction, and also, the impact it has on the community. An ideal research should have analyzed sources and facts. In addition, it has to explore measures that can counter drug abuse and addiction. Hereby, are guidelines that will assist learners a superlative research paper that is worthy good marks.

Don’t Wait Till the Last Minute

In most cases, students wait until the last day to start an assignment. If things don’t go right on this day, then they get a bad grade. If you want to write good research papers on drug addiction and drug abuse start early don’t do the last minute rush. Enough time is required when writing research papers than any other regular paper.

research papers on drug addiction

You can start three weeks to the deadline to work on the research papers on drug addiction and abuse if you can’t start immediately you are given the assignment. This may seem like a lot of time but it is important and necessary. If you know you cannot have enough time to tackle your paper consult and they will write the entire research papers on drug addiction and drug abuse for you at an affordable price.

Understand the Instructions Given

Understanding requirements are not automatic. There are those assignments you are required to read again and again to get what the supervisor requires. There those you read but don’t get and you look for help. It is vital to understand instructions, on the contrary, if you cannot start working on the paper.

Understand the instruction given on the research papers on drug addiction and drug abuse. If you are experiencing difficulties in comprehending the requirements, consult for help. It’s okay to seek help on this stage, rather do shoddy work and start seeking help when it’s too late.


Before you start writing take time and brainstorm on drugs people abuse and why. As you brainstorm take short notes of your thoughts. Include where you can research and get more information about the drugs. For example, names were given to specific drugs, where they can be purchased, who are likely to purchase them, and how ready are they available among other factors.

Brainstorming will enable you to identify a drug you are more familiar with and one you can easily get information on. It is easier to research on something you are familiar with that something you are not. Moreover, brainstorming will enable understand the nature of your research.

Conduct Detailed Research

Research papers on drug addiction and drug abuse should be based on extensive research. You cannot just type the question on Google and pick up the source you see because information on the internet is not all true. Ensure your sources are credible by establishing who wrote them, what do they contain and when were they written.

Moreover, double checking sources are vital because research papers is meaningless without backup information. If you are not sure about a certain source avoid using it since it can mess up your entire essay. Great research should be broad, hence, giving you enough ideas to discuss on. If you don’t have time to look for sources on research papers on drug addiction and abuse you can consult for help.

Plan on Writing your Research

Planning is important since you will be able to estimate the amount of time required to tackle a specific task. At this point, plan on how to get sources required. You can make a timetable that will guide you during the research period. Writing research papers on drug addiction and drug abuse is not an easy task. It will require time to analyze sources and long hours of research.

Consequently, planning your time is quite essential. In case you feel that you are not in a position to dedicate time in writing research papers on drug addiction and drug abuse, look for help from It’s an online website that provides necessary academic help to students.

Organize your Findings

Before you start writing it is good to organize your findings, hence, being precise on what you should start writing on and why. It is possible you may still be confused on the drug to focus on. You can organize your thoughts by noting down findings for each drug and then focus on the one with most points.

Furthermore, ensure sources you plan on using are at your reach. If it is a book from the library borrow it to avoid last minute disappointments. Note down sites to use or journals to avoid confusion. With all required sources at your reach then you are at a position of starting a writing research papers on drug addiction and drug abuse.

research papers on drug addiction

Make an Outline

When writing any research papers it is recommended learners to write down an outline. It will not only guide you as you write but it will also enable you to follow your research. Use topics and subheadings for each issue noted down on the outline. When writing research papers on drug addiction and drug abuse enables you to clarify issues addressed in each topic.

This will make your work orderly hence the reader will be able to follow up your research with no struggle. Well-written research papers offers the reader with great understanding, therefore, attracts good marks. Moreover, as you outline you can be able to think carefully through each topic, as a result, organizing your work in a logical manner.

Write your First Draft

Do not rush to writing research papers on drug addiction and drug abuse. Start by writing the first draft beginning with the first topic in your outline. Go through relevant notes that you have gathered in the outline. Paraphrase and summarize each and every idea you plan on using in your essay. You can use a technique that you are used to. For instance, writing summaries, using note cards, or quotations. Mark each point with the reference so in case you need to dig up more you can easily further your research. Also, you can use symbols like # and * to mark spots that you feel they may checking on or require editing.

Revise your Outline and Draft

Still, don’t rush to writing research papers on drug addiction and drug abuse. Go through your drafted outline to eradicate any errors. You can also double check your figures and facts. In addition, you can rearrange your ideas so as they can follow your outline, or reorganize the outline as well. Don’t forget that writing a research paper on drug addiction and drug abuse will read by your supervisor so as they can award you marks.

Keep in mind the purpose of your paper, as well as, the instructions of your teacher or lecturer. In case you have doubts that what you have written is out of context then consult Kessays for help. If sure then start writing a research paper on drug addiction and drug abuse.

Start with an Intriguing Introduction

Writing research papers on drug addiction and drug abuse should be informative. As a result, it is vital you elaborate on the topic at hand in the introduction section. This probably should be the first sentence. It should be followed by a thesis based on drug abuse and addiction. A thesis statement is important in any research paper. It acts as the main idea of your research paper. In case you don’t know how to write a great essay consults Ukessays for help.

This is because a thesis statement should be written correctly so as to tract the attention of the reader. Generally, the introduction should be thrilling you don’t want to have your reader bored in the first paragraph. The mood set in the beginning is likely to be the one the leader is going to flow with till the end. This simply means that a great introduction sets the attitude of the reader.

Focus on Writing an Ideal Thesis Statement

As stated earlier a thesis statement should be part of the introduction. It’s a requirement of all research papers and it’s the central point of your paper. A thesis statement when writing research papers on drug addiction and drug abuse is a declaration of your belief. The entire paper will consist of ideas and discussions in support of your thesis statement.

The statement should not be fuzzy but it should be defined and educative to the reader. Don’t cite authors in the thesis statement, present your own idea this will make your research appear original. Lastly, the statement should strongly tell the reader what to expect in your paper.

Writing the Research Body Section

The body section is the ninety percent of your work. It’s like your entire illustrations and discussions so it has to be written on point. The body section should be divided into paragraphs. Each paragraph should discuss a specific idea. Ensure ideas from one paragraph to another. The numbers of paragraphs are determined by the number of words required by your supervisor.

The paragraphs should support your thesis statements. Each idea should be derived from well-researched evidence. Use in-text citations to avoid plagiarism. The in-text citation differs depending on the type of formatting on the instructions. Use correct grammar and punctuation to avoid errors. If not sure of spellings check online or use the dictionary.

Avoid words that you have no idea what they mean since they can alter the meaning of the entire sentence or idea. Avoid long sentences since they may appear vague. Instead, use short and precise sentences to enable the reader to easily understand your work. When stuck consult Kessays for help in writing and also organizing your ideas. Writing research papers on drug addiction and drug abuse is not easy, it requires time to organize and write as per instructions provided. Don’t mix up your ideas and avoid contradicting statements.

research papers on drug addiction

Write a Captivating Conclusion

This should be the last paragraph when writing research papers on drug addiction and drug abuse. It is the last chance you got to impress the reader. It is like the closing statement a lawyer gives in the court of law. Therefore, it’s your last shot to please the examiner hence you can’t afford to make a mistake in this section. The drug addiction and abuse conclusion should summarize the ideas in the body paragraphs. It should offer the reader a memorable impression based on the research topic.

You should not introduce new ideas in this section. Instead, you should stress on the points already raised on the body sections. Take the last chance to explain to your reader points that support your research. You can wrap it up by restating the thesis statement but rewording it. A great conclusion when writing research papers on drug addiction and abuse will definitely earn you marks. If you don’t know how to write a good one consult an assignment help site that is always willing to help students in need.

Check on the Format Used

When writing research papers on drug addiction and drug abuse, the format is very important. In most cases, format instruction is given by the supervisor. For example, you may be required to write a paper on Harvard, Chicago, APA or MLA format. Moreover, you will use the format to write references and in-text citation.

In case you are unfamiliar with the required format don’t guess just consult Kessays for help. A wrong format can cost you a good grade despite having good points in the entire paper. In worse cases, some lectures may cancel a paper written with the wrong format.

Include References Used

As explained in the formatting stage references are determined by the required format in the instructions. They include the sources used to gather up your research. They include books, websites, journals, and magazines among others. Any source of information used when writing research papers on drug addiction and drug abuse should be included on the last page of your paper.

All sources should be listed to avoid plagiarism. The sources should also be included in the body section in form of in-text citation. The number of sources is determined by the instructions. There are times you can be instructed to used specific sources when writing a research paper on drug addiction and drug abuse while other times you are free to use any source. Follow the instructions given because doing as per specification earns you marks.

Proofread and Edit your Work

Normally, this is the last stage when writing research papers on drug addiction and abuse. Proofreading is going through your entire essay identifying grammatical, formatting, and punctuation you may have made when typing your work. Editing is correcting these mistakes thus ensuring your work is flawless. You can proofread the work personally at first. Moreover, you can request a friend or a teacher to go through your work and see if they can identify any mistake. This is because of someone else likely to identify a mistake that you cannot identify.

For professional proofreading and editing services, you can look up online for Kessays and enquire for help. Don’t rely on grammar editing apps for they may not identify all the mistakes present. Proofreading an edging your research paper on drug addiction and drug abuse not only makes your work presentable but also appealing. It proves to the lecturer or teacher that you are capable of providing legit paper writing services.

Present your Work for Marking

Many things are going on in a student life. It is possible to forget to present your paper despite having written it, thus it is possible because you have a different assignment and other school activities. Some supervisors refuse to accept papers past the deadline day. To avoid making this mistake set up a reminder on your phone, request a friend or family member to remind you, or write the deadline day on your diary.

If you follow the above guidelines, you will be in a position to write a well-articulated research paper on drug addiction and drug abuse. They will enable you to come up with a research paper that will intrigue the reader hence earning you good marks. A good research paper on drug addiction and drug abuse helps the reader comprehend societal problems associated with drugs and how they can be curbed.

It is very important for any learner to follow the above directions in writing a great research paper on drug addiction and drug abuse ensuring it is professionally written. If you are not in a position to follow the above steps then you can order a custom-made paper at and get an appropriately written research paper.

research papers on drug addiction

Sample Prompt: Theories of Drug Dependence

There are many different theories regarding the reasons that people become addicted to drugs and engage in substance abuse. Different theories may emphasize the biological, social, or psychological aspects of substance abuse. You are asked to compare two different theories of drug dependence.

Some examples of these theories are the disease model, physical dependence model, and positive reinforcement model. You may also research other theories that address the question of why certain people become addicted to licit or illicit drugs. Choose two of the theories of addiction and write a report that covers the following information:

A brief explanation of each theory An evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of each theory An identification of specific drug-addiction treatment approaches that are compatible with each theory Use the Internet and Library databases in your research.

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