What’s Biblical Worldview Essay Example

Benchmark Biblical Worldview Essay Example


The purpose of the Benchmark Biblical Worldview Essay is to carry out LU’s mission to provide an education with a solid Christian foundation and to ensure that every graduate understands the implications of a what’s biblical worldview for the field of education.  While there are other assignments that require candidates to write a personal philosophy of education, that is not necessarily the intent of this particular assignment. Get legit paper writing services now! The goal of this activity is for candidates to accomplish the following:

  • Convey an understanding of what’s biblical worldview.
  • Support and illustrate this understanding by citing the Bible and other literature on the topic of what is biblical worldview.
  • Apply principles of a what’s biblical worldview essay to educational practice.
  • Articulate key components of a Christian philosophy of education, citing from the Bible and other literature on the topic of Christian philosophy of education.

Candidates who are required to complete the essay more than once may resubmit the initial assignment but are encouraged to revise as needed.  For example, expectations for undergraduate and graduate writing levels are different; therefore, the composition of the paper may need to be strengthened with the repeated submission.  Also, check the assignment directions and rubric to ensure that you are meeting the present course’s specific requirements.

What's Biblical Worldview

Mission of Liberty University

This assignment advances LU’s mission by promoting “the synthesis of academic knowledge and Christian worldview in order that there might be a maturing of spiritual, intellectual, social and physical value-driven behavior” and by encouraging “a commitment to the Christian life, one of personal integrity, sensitivity to the needs of others, social responsibility and active communication of the Christian faith, and, as it is lived out, a life that leads people to Jesus Christ as the Lord of the universe and their own personal Savior.”  Click on these links to learn more about LU’s Mission Statement and LU’s Doctrinal Statement.

What’s Biblical Worldview Essay: Instructions

Write a 4-page paper in APA format that conveys your understanding of what’s biblical worldview essay and a Christian philosophy of education.  Also, discuss the implications of these principles in their application to educational practice.  Page length requirement begins with the introductory paragraph and ends with the conclusion; it includes neither the title page nor the reference page.

An abstract is not required. In addition to the Bible, cite a minimum of four references that represent the body of literature supporting and explaining what’s biblical worldview essay and Christian philosophy of education.  Include the Graham textbook as a reference. No more than 10% of the paper is to include direct quotes; therefore, you should do much more summarizing and paraphrasing than quoting.  Citations are required both for direct quotes and for summarized ideas drawn from references.  The format of the paper is to include the sections below with headings that follow APA format.

  • What’s Biblical Worldview Essay: Title Page

  • What’s Biblical Worldview Essay: Introduction

Present a strong, clear thesis statement.  The focus of this paragraph is to introduce the reader to the thesis statement.  The remainder of the paper should support and illustrate the main point(s) of the thesis statement.

  • Biblical Worldview Essay

Based upon your readings of the Bible and literature on the topic of essay, convey a basic understanding of the elements of a worldview that is based distinctively on a perspective of life drawn from Judeo-Christian scriptures.  Do not focus on the field of education in this section.  A common error is for writers to neglect the discussion of a biblical worldview essay by focusing too much on the field of education, which is to be addressed in subsequent sections of the paper.

  • Christian Philosophy of Education

Based upon your readings of the Bible and literature on the topic of Christian philosophy of education, convey a basic understanding of the elements of an educational philosophy that is based distinctively on a perspective drawn from Judeo-Christian scriptures. Address metaphysical and axiological issues.  Metaphysical issues relate to questions of meaning and purpose.

Axiological issues relate to questions of values.  Minimize the discussion of practical application to the field of education in this section.  A common error is for writers to neglect the discussion of a Christian philosophy of education by focusing too much on the implications for educational practice, which will be addressed in the subsequent section.

  • Implications for Educational Practice

Discuss the implications of what’s biblical worldview essay and Christian philosophy for practical application to the overall field of education. Ensure that you discuss these implications for the field in general, but you may also proceed to specify implications for your particular area of interest. For example, if you are preparing to serve as a content area teacher, a special education teacher, an administrator, or a school counselor, you may—after addressing implications for the overall field of education—address implications for your area of service.

  • What’s Biblical Worldview Essay: Conclusion

An effective conclusion affirms the thesis statement and leaves the reader with a clear idea of how thoughts in the paper fit together to make a specific point.

  • Reference Page

Cite the Bible in the body of the manuscript, but—per APA—the Bible and other classical or holy scriptures are not to be listed on the reference page.  List here 4 references other than the Bible.  One of your references is to be the Graham textbook.

What's Biblical Worldview

References and Citations

See the current APA guidelines for details on how to cite the Bible in the body of the manuscript.  Below are links to sources you might find helpful as you prepare:

  • Articles and Websites

    • What’s a Christian Worldview? (Focus on the Family)
    • What Is a Christian Worldview (Israel Wayne)
    • The Importance of a Christian Worldview (The Gospel Project)
    • On Education (Francis Schaefer)
  • Journals

    • Many journals on the topic are available via Liberty Databases.
    • ICCTE Journal (International Christian Community of Teacher Education)
    • Christian Education Journal (Biola University)
    • Christian Perspectives in Education (Liberty University, School of Education)
  • LU’s Jerry Falwell Library

    • Click this link to search Liberty Databases of academic sources. Recommended search terms: what’s biblical worldview, Christian philosophy of education.
  • Bibliography

    • Books on what’s biblical worldview essay and Christian Philosophy of Education
  • Course Readings:

    • Relevant readings from present and past courses may be incorporated as appropriate, e.g., textbooks and articles.

Note: Your What’s Biblical Worldview Essay assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

What’s Biblical Worldview Essay: Christian Philosophy of Education

A worldview refers to the individual’s interpretation of reality to make sense of the world around them. This applies expectation, stories, values and attitudes, which informs the individual’s thoughts and actions. A worldview is expressed in scientific belief, philosophy, ethics, and thoughts; thus, it works the same way as a culture. Christians have a worldview that guides them to live according to the doctrines of the religion.

Also known as the Biblical Worldview Essay, it is based on the Word of God, which is infallible. Christians believe that the Word of God is irrefutably true and the source of their absolute moral truths up which they should judge their thoughts and deeds. According to the Biblical Worldview Essay, Christians ought to conduct a sin-free life as Jesus Christ did.

However, it is essential to realize that the denominations of the Christian Religion put forth different versions of the Biblical Worldview (Tackett, 2006). The similarities between these denominations may lead to shared biases and presuppositions, thus leading to similarities in how Christians navigate life. This paper shall look into the Worldview in the Judeo-Christian context and its overall impact on education.

What’s Biblical Worldview Essay

A worldview tends to dictate the way the individual interprets human nature in general. This dictates how they interact with each other in considering the context to achieve the desired outcome. Having a worldview also facilitates determining what a good life looks like and varies from one culture to another. This leads to the formulation of a dominance hierarchy, which dictates the power dynamics within the society implemented (Tackett, 2006).

This dictates whether the individuals within that society are equal or have more power and privilege over other individuals. The Worldview also informs individuals on who they can interact with themselves and other people. The individuals are also informed of how they can interact with the authorities in society. For example, how much of their freedom can be foregone for the sake of an orderly society. This indicates that a worldview, in general, is a source of ethical wisdom for individuals according to the doctrines and standards in society.

The prime reality of the Christian Religion is the concept of God, who is the eternal creator of the Universe in its entirety. This being possessed eternal, holy, righteous, wise, powerful, glorious, and unchangeable traits. Although God is an infinite being in the Christian Worldview, he deals with each human being personally. God is an omnipotent being that is complex beyond human comprehension.

In the Christian religion, God exists as a trinity, with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit being the constituent entities. This entity is beyond the human being and nature in general and is the ultimate author of the doctrines of the society. The Universe is another element in the Judeo-Christian Worldview and is one of Gods creations and was created with the use of word of mouth. The Universe, therefore, exists according to God in his orderliness.

What's Biblical Worldview

Humanity is part of the Universe and tends to fall short of God’s will, despite being created in the image of God. Human beings ultimately die, where their bodies are separated from the soul that continues to perpetuate. Human behaviour is guided by their knowledge of themselves, the Universe and God.

A Christian is aware of God’s benevolence and has revealed His might through the creation of the Universe. They are also aware that they exist from the grace of God. Humanity, in its existence in society, lives according to ethics which are absolute moralities and truths (Jakopec, 2021). This dictates what they perceive to be right or wrong. According to the Christian Worldview, time and, therefore, history exists in a linear form.

Christian Philosophy of Education

Philosophy is the study of an individual’s deepest possible levels of existence and the world in general. Therefore, it is the love of wisdom through learning the fundamental nature of humanity and its fundamental purpose in the Universe. Christian education is conducted according to the Word of God, which is the Bible. In this case, there is a high value placed on knowledge of God and His work on the planet.

There are spiritual and moral fruits of knowledge in achieving the purpose of humanity in the Universe. According to the fundamentals of education theory and practices, this understanding requires the examination of the fundamentals of education theory and practices Jakopec, P. (2021).

The Christian education philosophy informs the Christians that humanity exists upon the will and choosing of God. The Church is the ultimate setting where Christian education takes place. Education takes place throughout the individual’s life on the forces that influence their present and future life quality. This education directs the individual on the process of the growth of the individual across their lifetime.

Christian education aims to direct the individual in the human development process according to God’s commandments. Education philosophy aims to help the individual conduct a godly life and thus begins at birth (Gen. 3:16–19). The student in the Christian Education philosophy learns that the individual was created according to the purpose and will of God.

This tends to be unique from one individual to another. After receiving the education, the individual is mandated to live responsibly according to the doctrines of the Christian religion. The position of this education is expected to begin from home. God is the basis of all truth, and the Christian educational theory tends to rest upon this. It ultimately redeems the individual in the image of God.

Implications for Educational Practice

Due to the existence of the Christian Worldview, Christians and humanity get a framework for ethical thinking. A school counsellor can use the framework upon which they can base their decisions of good and evil. The Biblical manner of seeing, acting and thinking is based on their perception of the world, which is based on the what is biblical worldview.

An educational counsellor can apply the concepts of good and evil to inform their clients on how to conduct their lives. By taping to the individual’s spirituality, they may get the core axioms of leading a happy and productive life for themselves and society. The Bible is a source of reference for human actions in formulating how they conduct themselves and is thus very critical to the counselling process (Schaeffer, n.d.). However, it cannot be the sole source of principles, especially in a multi-religious setting.

What’s Biblical Worldview Essay Conclusion

This paper has illustrated the concept of Worldview according to the Judeo-Christian context and its dissemination in the educational context. This is an additional tool for informing the learners about their spirituality, which improves their knowledge and ability to conduct a happy life.

However, the learner needs to get the freedom to opt-out of Christian education. It should be offered in all educational institutions as an optional course and other courses based on the Worldview according to other religions. This should be formulated in a manner that optimizes the well-being of the individual and society at large.

Biblical Worldview Essay


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