Project Management Methodology Example

Project Management Methodology Example

McConnell (2010) defines project management methodology as a combination of processes that tell how well a plan has been developed and implemented till the project is successful. The simple definition is “how to do.” They help a project flow smoothly by minimizing and where possible eliminating hitches. This project management methodology example will discuss the various methodologies that one can use in their project.

Project Management Methodology Examples

  • The Waterfall Project Management

This is a traditional project management methodology that handles things in a sequential manner. It handles matters from the concept conception stage to the development stage and finally the maintenance stage. It emphasizes that project requirements be defined in the beginning and be implemented to the letter. In her work Court (2006) disclosed that this methodology is heavily used on software development projects.

  • Agile Project Management

This is a more flexible methodology that focuses on the adaptability o the plan to constantly changing situations. It is most applicable where the client or the management is involved in the production process. It can be applied in small software projects or any other that could be having an accelerated development schedule.

  • Critical Chain Methodology

As discussed be Charvat (2003), this methodology focuses more on solving research problems and less on schedules and tasks. Every project has key elements that determine its timeline. It devotes resources on these core elements as well as the rest so thus they run subsequently. It is most applicable in those projects that have flexible team members. This is a methodology that is best suited for my electrical works operations. In the upgrade of electrical equipment we shall focus on solving the electrical fire hazard problem in old buildings.

Project Management Methodology Example

  • The Six Sigma Setup

In his paper on project management methodology, McConnell (2010) disclosed that this method was developed by Motorola. It provides techniques as well as tools necessary to improve production processes. It was meant to improve the production processes by minimizing defects. Its application is used worldwide in numerous sectors.

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  • The PRiSM Methodology

PRiSM stands for Projects integrated Sustainable Methods. It was by GPM Global with an aim of taking into account environmental factors in big. It requires and rewards project managers a trait that makes it unique projects. It is mainly used in real estate projects.

Reasons for Use of Project Management Standard As Well As Methodologies

The above mentioned methods have been applied widely and have proven essential. The main reason for their use is to ensure order in any project. This prevents chaos that could be caused by the multiple elements of a project. Another key reason is that they ensure that projects are completed on time; this is mainly because tasks ad timelines are clearly scheduled. Finally, it is essential to point out that the order created by these methodologies as well as standards, enhances cooperation and coordination among the various team members in a given project.

Measurable Project Objectives


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