Persuasive Essay on GMOs 2-Page Example

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Sample Essay Prompt on an Essay about GMOs

Perform some research about genetically modified organisms (GMO) foods. You can research GMOs online or at the CSU Online Library. Find a minimum of one source to cite in the assignment. Go to the local supermarket and find foods that are genetically modified. After your research and field trip to the market, fill out the assignment worksheet. Click here to access a copy of the worksheet.

Your responses to the questions should total a minimum of 600 words (not counting the instructions and questions).You are required to cite at least one source in the assignment. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying APA citations.

Persuasive Essay on GMOs

A Persuasive Essay on GMOs – Example

The main purpose of a persuasive essay is to persuade or convince readers about an idea or something. It focuses on something you believe in as a writer. Also, a persuasive essay can be about anything that you have a clear opinion of. So you should be able to present a good argument about. For example, you may be arguing on a persuasive essay on GMOs or junk food. Therefore, with homework assist help, you will learn all the necessities when writing a persuasive essay about GMOs paper.

In addition, knowing how to write a persuasive essay on GMOs is an important skill everyone ought to have. It utilizes a logic format with reasons to prove that one idea or opinion is stronger as compared to the other. So, with homework assist guide, am sure that writing a persuasive essay won’t be too difficult.


Every human being consumes food every day and every time for the rest of our lives. But the issue of how much of the food we consume is genetically modified is something unbearable. Today, around 80% of the food processed or manufactured contains GMOs. So if you have never thought and question yourself about the food you consume daily then begin now. According to science, GMOs is the latest version of plants, food, and animals. It is developed by the use of biotechnology whereby plant or animal genes are altered with.

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In today’s generation, there are more than 40 types of different plants which are genetically modified and available in markets. However, food and drug administration claim that there is nothing to worry about GMOs. They further state that it is very much healthy to consume the artificially made food. From their own point of view, genetically modified plants are very safe. In fact, they say that they have been tested just like the traditional plants.

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In various countries, most of the farmers recommend GMOs. This is because growing and maintaining it is very easy, it also brings about good profits. According to the research about GMO crops, it can produce a lot with just less. On the other hand, it significantly increases the yield of the farm. It also helps in decreasing the use of pesticides and prevents soil erosion.

Persuasive Essay on GMOs

Genetically modifies products tastes so good. Products like apples, mangoes, oranges, and some other genetic fruits have better tastes to people consuming them. As a result of this, the problem of malnutrition due to insufficient vitamins in the body has been greatly solved. It has also helped in reducing the level of poverty across the world. Less use of pesticides, higher farm yields, and better health of the people are all the results of GMOs.

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On the other hand, some people consider GMOs unfit for human consumption. This is because the food and drug administration give the safety tasting task to other companies producing the GMOs. However, these companies tend to hide the real facts and the dangers of GMOs. They do this so as to gain more profit from the daily consumers.

On the contrary, non-sponsored independent researchers verify that some other GMO available in food are not safe for human consumption. Also, such food is not certified organic food and can lead to positive impacts. Such impacts include harming the environment, causing cancer, and also inducing other health problems to consumers. Such effects can be prevented by making sure that the GMO products manufactured or grown undergo some testing.


In order to make the world a healthy place to live in, GMO products should be tested before letting people consume them. By this, we can live without the worry of what the food we eat is made of. However, banning of GMOs in the future may be impossible because of a large amount of profit GMO companies make. So to make it safer, they should label their products. This will give us an opportunity to choose whether we want to consume genetic food or not.

The above sample on a persuasive essay on GMOs can help you when writing your own essay. The arguments you present should always apply the sound reasoning. Also, provide strong evidence giving logic reasons, stating the actual facts, and using the factual example. The homework assist gives you the necessary steps to consider when writing your own essay.

Persuasive Essay on GMOs

To begin with, you should choose your side of the argument and stick with it till the end. Also, explore fully the topic and provide viable opinions on a persuasive essay on GMOs or any other essay. So, with cheapest paper writing service guide, you can achieve your goal of persuading readers.

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