Nurses’ Role in Disaster Response Essay

Nurses’ Role in Disaster Response Essay: Active Shooter Response Plan

More informative code words in warning messages provide more concrete details that inform the staff, thus enhancing their ability to react accordingly. This is because they provide detail to everyone on the premises about the nature of the danger and the most appropriate ways of reacting. This is unlike the standard uninformative code words, which are often generic. In addition to this, the staff and students can be updated about the attackers’ whereabouts and how to respond to this detail.

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Nurses' Role in Disaster Response

There are, however, cons to using this approach; for example, even though the alert is instantaneous, it tends to warn everyone, including the attackers (Shannon & Guilday, 2019, p. 473). They are therefore aware of all the information the staff has about them. Over the decades, schools in the New Jersey state had multiple emergency drills such as bomb drills, bad weather drills, and fire drills.

Active shooter drills were added to this list in reaction to the 1999’s Columbine High School massacre based in Colorado. The most prominent advantage of having simulated active shooter drills is that they reduce the safety risk and even anxiety during a real active shooter on-premises. They, therefore, build up the confidence of the staff and learners in cases of emergency.

Nurses’ Role in Disaster Response Essay: What is NASN’s SETT Program

School Emergency Triage Training (SETT) is a program by the National Association of School Nurses to teach nursing students how to effectively manage a school emergency during instances of mass casualty (Shannon & Guilday, 2019, p. 458). They, therefore, learn how to manage a situation that is significantly less than optimal effectively. Therefore, the objective is to ensure that they understand how to collaborate with first responders, healthcare provides, staff and administrators.

In addition to this, the program ensures that the nurses are self-aware of their qualities and how they should apply them during emergencies, for example, knowing the nurses who have the most effective leadership skills. The program insists that all parties be prepared for emergencies and nurses to play an intricate role in this, for example, identifying the uniqueness of a given school setting and how it would affect a reaction during an emergency. Another way that SETT enhances preparedness is by describing the standard framework to be applied during an emergency. Get legit paper writing services today.

Nurses' Role in Disaster Response Essay

Nurses’ Role in Disaster Response Essay: The Medical Reserve Corps

The Medical Reserve Corps is a nationwide community-based network established to help nurses provide efficient healthcare to the public. The network is sponsored by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), under the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response’s office. It also consists of volunteers who have healthcare training and others who do not, but their collective objective is to complement a local area’s capability to react to a case of emergency and prioritize public health (Shannon & Guilday, 2019, p. 476).

The Medical Research Corps is actively helping in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, for example, in implementing rapid COVID-19 testing for the public members, for example, through nasal swabs. The network is helping in New Jersey through community outreach, providing medical support, contact tracing, and selecting and preparing alternative sites for the care of COVID-19 patients.

Nurses’ Role in Disaster Response Essay: Community Emergency Response Team Training

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training by the United States Department of Homeland Security is a program that trains people in disaster management, for example, medical operations during disasters, fire safety, team organization, and light search and rescue. The trainee learns in the class setting and field practice how to help when disaster happens around them.

Nurses' Role in Disaster Response Essay

After the training, they are encouraged to participate actively in disaster preparedness and response (Shannon & Guilday, 2019, p. 476). Schools can identify CERT trainees by keeping a record of all the staff members and people within the locality who have completed the training. A record of such individuals is used to identify the volunteers who have disaster training.

Nurses’ Role in Disaster Response Essay: References

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