Music Reflection Essay Example

Music Reflection Essay: Three Breakthrough Singers from the Past Decade that Influenced Me

Just like any other kid, growing up was such a fascinating experience. The experience was intriguing because of the kind of content that was made available to us as kids. For instance, movies, music, literature contents were among the content that really made a huge influence in my life. However, music did take the better part of my life as compared to the other two. Due to my cultural background, music always made me feel appreciated and entertained. Get legit paper writing services now!

Music takes the better part of my emotions. Through music, I express how I feel about certain issues and how I view the world at large. However, I am very selective when it comes to the kind of music I consume. Most of my favorite music is mainly those I had to listen while I was young. Importantly, I liked the music because of the musicians that sang them.

Music Reflection Essay

The influence however was superb when I was in my teenage stage. Precisely, some of those artistes who I can acknowledge to have affected my life positively include Beyoncé, Brian Molko of the placebo Band, and Jared Leto. Even though their songs were different, the message in their works was such powerful and meaningful to me as far as my personal development is concerned.

In my teenage stage, I preferred listening to alternative music than any other type of music. To me, appealing music used to feel good and they made me to gain strength whenever I felt low. Pop music and other genres of my time were not such appealing. It is for this reason that I found Molko’s music more appealing. Brian Molko to date is my favorite when it comes to alternative music.

Molko was part of the famous Placebo band, which was responsible for the production of great albums like Sleeping with Ghosts (2003), Battle of the Sun (2009), and Med (2006). The albums were a hit in the music industry because they contained music that everyone could easily relate to in terms of ideas and emotions (Placebo, 2018). Brian’s music was one of its kind because it carried the emotions of every teenage of my time.

Most of his music was a motivation to many of us. Even when I found myself despairing in life, I found strength to continue pushing harder in life. In addition, many at times, his music helped me to do away with unwanted feelings that are so common in the transition stage of life. Precisely, his music was a great deal to my life in terms of expressing my feelings.

Like Molko, Jared Leto is another great musician that had a huge impact in my life during my teenage years. Leto was not only a singer but also a leader of the famous Thirty Seconds to Mars band. The kind of music the band produced was not that different from the one produced by the Placebo band of Brian Molko. His music was an inspiration to my life; it gave me strength to fight all the challenges I encountered during my teenage years. Through him, I realized the importance of perseverance.

Music Reflection Essay

The message in his songs was strong and the lyrics were inspiring. For example, I remember one of his songs titled Attack from the 2005 album (A Beautiful Lie), which I used to listen so much whenever I was faced with trials in life. Through the lyrics, I found strength to stand up and continue in life. Some of the most outstanding lines from the song are as follows:

“I won’t suffer, be broken, get tired, or wasted,

Surrender to nothing, or give up what I

Started and stopped it, from end to beginning.

A new day is coming, and I am finally free” (Thirty Seconds To

Mars – Attack, 2018).

Undeniably, no one can resist the encouragement contained in the above lyrics. They bring some kind of motivation and inspiration especially when something bad is happening in their life. Another reason why I found his music such interesting is because he was a public motivational speaker. He addressed several audiences most of them who were their fans. Unlike other artistes who isolate themselves from commoners when they make it in life, Jared Leto and his band was an exception.

They valued their supporter; they always found time to talk to their community of fans whenever they were invited to. For instance, they formed the Echelon group that became to be the biggest fanatic group in our history. Honestly, I was their big fan but it is disappointing that I never participated in the group. However, I do not regret because their influence was great that I will always live to tell others. Besides, the success I enjoy now in life is due to his notable influence.

Lastly, Beyoncé is another musician that made a breakthrough my life during my time. Beyoncé is still my favorite till now. However, unlike the other two musicians, Beyoncé does a very different style of music. Well, pop music was not my thing but I found her music so appealing to me. Apart from her fine dancing tunes, I admired her because she is one musician that has managed to stand out among all the male artists of the two generations that I have lived.

Growing up in my time, girl child was not taken seriously as boy child. Females were considered weak and not able to compete with their male counterparts. As a girl, I drew most of inspiration from her music. Beyoncé was then part of the girl-band known as Destiny’s Child. Even before joining the band, she was working as a single artist and she gained recognition all over the world.

Her female-inspiring messages in most of her songs made me feel part of her music. During my teenage life male never bothered much about our feelings. Most of them hurt their partners’ feelings and it was not a big deal due to male dominance. It is during this time that Beyoncé was also singing about how her boyfriend was not treating her with respect. Some of her songs that I relate to most are If I Were a Boy.

Music Reflection Essay

The song was a hit in her 2008 album titled I Am… Shasha Fierce. By the end of 2017, the song had more than 655 million views (I Am… Sasha Fierce by Beyoncé, 2018). The song to me showed a woman who was not afraid to express how they feel about herself. I could easily relate to the song because during this time I was really under the influence of peer pressure.

The three artistes have helped me grow to be the person I had always wanted. Even though their messages are different in their songs, at least each one of them had a positive influence on my life. Their music inspired and empowered me to great heights and still they are. For example, I have learned to socialize with others as well as appreciating female power.

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