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All college essays are personal one way or the other. Of course, the primary objective of writing a college application essay is to help the persons responsible for getting to know a different side of you. There are several factors that you must consider when considering how to start an application essay.

Consequently, there are just as many mistakes that students tend to make when writing college application essays. Some of these mistakes can just as easily cost you your chance at admission and likely have your application declined.

A good college application essay should help the college learn more about you beyond all the information on the rest of your college application. Basically, the college wants to know who you are and the qualities that might make you an excellent fit for admission.

There’s a lot more to planning an effective college essay format than meets the eye. This article should provide you with some basic tips to help make your essay more thoughtful.

How to Start an Application Essay

Critical Steps on How to Start an Application Essay

Being as there’s currently very stiff competition rigid criteria for college applications, getting into the institution of your dreams can be quite stressful. Considering the huge number of applicants who’re vying for just a few vacant spots, the urgency for creating an application that stands out has never been more pressing.

As such, ensure you paint the exact picture that doesn’t just tell your reader what you did; it shows them. And the best way you can do this is by having an attention-grabbing opening. Make your reader wonder what comes next and want to read more.

Here’s how to do that:

Begin College Application Early

Making a college application demands a lot of concentration. It can take a sizable amount of your time, especially since every application tends to differ. This mostly depends on the institution that you’re applying for. Still, other requirements, such as gathering recommendations, writing essays, and other paperwork, are mostly always the same.

This is perhaps one of the most critical aspects of how to start an application essay that students ignore. Ensure, therefore, that you dictate the time necessary to create your best college application yet.

Make Your Passion Known

Passion will be what fuels your drive when writing to your dream college selection panel. Your college essay is the perfect way of extensively and eloquently articulating what it is that you excel in and what you truly love. It is through your essay that you will be able to highlight your thought patterns clearly.

Most colleges have a thing for passionate students. Try as much as you can to highlight your passion in your writing style and other deliverable materials. Remember, you want the college you’re applying for to understand everything that aligns your passions with whatever program that you are considering.

These are what are going to help make your case stronger, granting the selection panel a clearer picture of your vision and other personalized learning opportunities.

Contact the College Directly

There are some instances where you may need to contact the college you’re applying to directly for questions. Thanks to the internet and Google, you can now find lots of information on how to start an application essay. However, there are times when you may need specific and particular information that the internet doesn’t provide.

In such instances, don’t hesitate to call the college you are considering. Forums are great, but you may need to have college personnel answer some questions to be 100% sure. Reach out to the college officials. Don’t be afraid to be a little inquisitive and speak out to the university officers. Also, reaching out helps to give a solid review of your interest and commitment to join the college. Visit the company’s website and email whenever you can.

Write Your Personal Statement with Enthusiasm

By now, you probably already know that writing a fired-up application easily spells out desire, grit, and perseverance. It’s critical to have your personal college application essay as clear, creative, and concise as possible. Remember, you and hundreds of other students are contesting for very few application slots.

Your college application should be your best avenue at showing the university what you’re made of. Express to them what you can become should they accept your application. The start of your application essay is where you also mention the careers you’re considering and why the college’s admission of you is integral at getting where you want to be.

How to Start an Application Essay

The start of your college application essay is the avenue you use to impress the college admission officers. Highlight what you expect from the college’s programs. Share with the admissions team what you’ve already accomplished and what their acceptance for you to join means for you.

Follow the Instructions

As much as the directions for writing application essays may sound generic, perhaps even generic after you’ve applied to several schools, every rhyme still counts. Remember, the college is very concise about the instructions that they issue. Ensure, therefore, that you follow them to the tee.

You must give a lot of thought to all the words that you use. The college admissions team wants what it asks for. So, ensure you deliver just that.

Represent Yourself the Best Way You Can

Most students think that they must pretend to be someone else to impress colleges. But you don’t have to be smart to know that this isn’t the best approach to make colleges like you. If you want colleges and universities to grant you admission, it’s only right that you be as organic as possible.

Represent yourself as positively as you can the best way you can. Remember, however, not to sugarcoat achievements. As much as it may look, colleges aren’t always looking for superheroes. They want moldable people who will grasp their school programs effortlessly.

Don’t imitate other people or fake your portfolio in an effort to impress the applications team. You may not be active in extracurricular activities. But then, you can always research for clubs, talks, and groups that you plan to join if given a chance to enroll.

Where possible, talk about personal encounters and experiences, and highlight they have shaped you into the person you are today. This is the best angle to consider when looking at how to start an application essay. People love honesty. If you can somehow manage to turn yours into a good heart-warming story, the better.

Be Diligent with Deadlines

Anyone looking for the best approach on how to start an application essay must first consider the application deadline. This isn’t really a secret. The time that you submit your college application essay is crucial. You must, therefore, ensure you get organized and keep up with the required deadlines to avoid unnecessary inconveniences with your application.

Learning institutions don’t tolerate lateness. Applicants must, therefore, always strive to make the best first impression. And submitting your application essay on time is the first step at impressing the college you’re interested in. Google calendar can be effective in this case.

What Makes a Bad College Application Essay?

Just as there are several noteworthy examples of college application essays, there are also pretty bad examples out there. While your application essay may not necessarily end up in the first-choice category, with the right advice, you should be better placed to end up in the top picks.

How to Start an Application Essay

There are a few mistakes that you must avoid when looking for the best sources on how to start an application essay. So, what exactly turns a good college application essay into a terrible one?

Here are some mistakes to avoid when writing an application essay:

Problems with The Topic

One of the most common ways of screwing up your college essay is by flubbing what your essay is about. Badly chosen college essay topics can easily make your application essays off-putting in several different ways. Your essay topic is the first thing your admissions office will look at to know your personality, talents, and skills that aren’t on your transcript.

Starting with an appalling topic will not only lead with you having a poorly written essay, but you also risk ruining the impression that your application essay could have made. Using bad topics in your application essay will show the admissions team that you don’t necessarily have a good sense of maturity or judgment. This is a big issue since colleges are always looking for students who can handle the independent campus life.

Problems with The Execution

Much as the experiences that you discuss in your application essay should form the foundation of your personal statement, how you structure and put them together can end up sending warning flags. This is the platform that you will use to show the college admissions officers your maturity and clarity levels.

You must, therefore, remember to be as mature, clear, and concise in your writing style as possible. Remember, there are several ways you can learn how to start an application essay. But there are also many ways that you can ruin your whole application essay.

Failure to Proofread

Most students have a difficult time checking over their work, college application essays included. As such, you can always have someone else proofread your writing to catch any grammatical and punctuation errors in your application. This is also the one instance where someone who knows all about grammar and punctuation and has a good eye for detail will come in handy.

Otherwise, you may end up submitting an application that hasn’t been verified yet with all kinds of errors. This schoolboy mistake may end up costing you your chances of joining the college of your dreams.

Lack of Personality

Before you submit your application essay, you want to ask yourself if anyone else could have written the same essay. If so, then you aren’t really doing a good job. You want to represent your unique perspective of the world. In this case, to the admissions officers of the college, you’re applying for.

One of the best ways to know how to start an application essay is to demonstrate your ability to the respective party. You want to be as creative as possible and express your personality the best way you can.

Too Offensive Writing

Opening lines for college essays must never be offensive in any way. The same goes for the whole application essay, really. With this potential mistake, you may run the risk of expressing a lack of awareness. No reader wants to be lectured at, especially when you are at their mercy.

This clearly demonstrates an inability to communicate successfully and may end up costing you. Don’t let your use of offensive words ruin your chance of joining your dream college.

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about making such kinds of mistakes when writing or submitting your college application essay. There are several online essay help services that you can now use to help you craft the best application essays. Consider, for example. has a history of providing nothing short of the best online essay help for students. is the site to visit when looking for how to start an application essay. The essay writing company has a team of experienced and professional writers who are ready and willing to start working on your application essay. Improve the chances of getting your college application essay approved with the best applications today.

Sample Application Essay

As I sit in my room, surrounded by books and equations, I cannot help but feel an overwhelming sense of excitement. Applying to MIT has been my dream for as long as I can remember, and now that the moment has finally arrived, I am filled with both anticipation and nervousness.

Growing up, I was always intrigued by the world of economics. I found myself drawn to the complexities of market forces and the ways in which they shape our society. My love for economics deepened as I grew older, and I was soon immersed in the world of finance and investments. I began to read voraciously, devouring everything from the classics of economic theory to the latest market trends.

Despite my love for economics, I never lost sight of the importance of a well-rounded education. I pursued a wide range of interests throughout high school, from music to debate, from sports to volunteer work. I saw each of these pursuits as an opportunity to learn and grow, to challenge myself and to discover new facets of the world around me.

As I reflect on my journey thus far, I realize that MIT is the perfect place for me to continue to pursue my passions. MIT’s rigorous academic environment and emphasis on innovation and creativity will allow me to explore new ideas and approaches, to engage with like-minded individuals, and to make a real impact on the world.

Above all, I am excited about the opportunities that MIT will provide to me to contribute to society in meaningful ways. As an economics student, I am acutely aware of the challenges facing our world today, from income inequality to climate change. I am eager to use my knowledge and skills to address these issues, to help build a better future for all of us.

In conclusion, I believe that MIT is the perfect place for me to continue to grow and learn as an individual and as a member of society. I am grateful for the opportunity to apply to this prestigious institution and look forward to the possibility of joining the MIT community.

How to Start an Application Essay


Writing a college application essay can stressful. But with proper understanding and writing skills, you should be in a better position to create an impressive essay and improve your chances of submission. This excerpt should provide you with the basic knowledge of everything you need to know on how to start an application essay. With it, you should be better placed to avoid being a victim of any mistakes you might make while writing the application essay. Whatever you do, remember to be yourself. Don’t lie or exaggerate. Let the admissions team see and admire your authenticity.

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