Gender Roles Essay Excellent Guide

Gender Roles Essay

The gender roles essay describes the way in which people express their statuses as either male or female in a condition where biological existence is unclear. Get the best and most legit paper writing services now!

In a society, men and women have almost different roles. Gender role is a sociological role involving a wide range of attitudes and behaviors that are appropriate, accepted, and desired for individual basing on their sexual reality and perception. The specifics concerning these gender roles essay expectations vary a lot from one culture to another while others can be common among a wide range of cultures.

Gender Roles Essay Topics

Gender in the current society means a lot. There are also a lot of gender issues and problems going on around the world. Therefore, when writing about gender roles essay, some of the gender essay topics to consider include;

Childlessness in a marriage

This type of topic is based on the sociological view thus giving you various ways on how to go about. You can talk about the women being blamed by the society for being childless, or rather you can analyze the perception of the society in the procreation of gender roles.

Domestic abuse

Here, you can address the belief that most of the men can’t be domestic abuse victims. You can as well state the stigma men face when found guilty of domestic abuse.

Gender Roles Essay

Military women

Under this topic, you are required to analyze on the public perception and social myth about women in the military. Furthermore, you can focus on the problem women in the military constantly face.

Gender and mental health problems

Here, you are required to determine the relationship between gender and the cases of mental health. Analyze the perception of the society on individuals having gender or mental health issues.

Single mothers versus single fathers

This topic is quite challenging and thus requires a proper analysis of the abilities of both the mother and father to cater for their children. By this, you can determine whether women or men can be the best single parent.

Gender Roles in Family Essay

The family is the major basis of life and the well being of children. Just like school, family teaches about the outside world and how human beings interact differently towards each other. Gender roles, therefore, are the family hierarchical basis whereby the father is the family’s breadwinner and the mother ensures that food is always on the table and at the right time.

Though family values are the basic necessity in life, it has completely nothing to do with the gender roles. In the current society, gender roles in the family have become unclear because of divorce, homosexuality, and single parent role. These gender roles have made people dislike and fear those individuals that do not fit in the gender role essay.

Gender Roles Argumentative Essay

Gender roles have been in existence throughout history. In the recent years, it has been the most difficult problem faced in the society. The roles of men and women in either workplace or households seem to be closely related to the gender roles argumentative essay.

In addition, some roles are strictly meant for women only while others are for men. As a result, there is an ongoing debate regarding the extent to which gender roles essay and variations determined biologically, and how they are socially constructed.

Gender Roles Essay

Traditional Gender Roles Essay on Relationships

According to traditional gender roles, a role is defined as a behavior associated with social status. The society norms control the gender roles. This is because they are guidelines that determine all the responsibilities as well as the privileges that the society gives to an individual. From females to males and mothers to fathers, their statuses are connected to the gender roles. Some of the traditional gender roles in relationships include;


Traditionally, a man has the responsibility of ensuring that the financial status of the family is safe and stable.

Head of the family

Men are always considered the head of the family and all the activities in the house is controlled by a man.


Most of the time, the place of a woman is in the kitchen, they also have a responsibility of taking care of the children, husband, and handling the household chores.

Masculinity and femininity

Usually, women are supposed to have long hair and wear dresses only whereas men should have short hair.

Gender Roles Essay Conclusion

The roles of both men and women vary a lot in terms of their different roles in the society. Females are usually given the role of inactive daughter or wife. On the other hand, women are considered as passive listeners and are supposed to follow the directions given by the society.

Gender Roles Essay

In conclusion, the roles or men and women are derived from their authenticated characters. The societies in terms of the gender roles of both men and women should change the perceptions based on the roles of each and every individual. This would enable the children to learn how they are supposed to act. Gender roles essay is thus a gender stereotype and should not be practiced in the modern societies.

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