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Examples of PowerPoint Presentations for Students

Black Aesthetic

I’m doing Black Aesthetic from the wedding band and Presentation should use both/and: commentary, specific scene and/or monologue readings from the script, photographs, videos, music or other digital media. I don’t have to use ALL but there should be a combination within my presentation.
The presentation is about the wedding band but focus on Black Aesthetic in the wedding band
for the presentation our professor want us to include less words on the PowerPoint slides, more documentary videos and stuff that are included in the play with pictures. Instead of doing more words can you just write more on the note please . My part of the presentation is Black Aesthetic.

powerpoint examples for students

King Princess

Hello, for this assignment I am doing a queer artist and my approved musician is king princess. Note, this should be an album cover. I have attached my group ideas.

The purpose of this assignment is for you to spread your wings, take what you’ve learned so far and fly in a new direction. Your group will be responsible for teaching the class a new subject of your choosing that deepens our understanding of race and identity expressions in American music.

The Steps

You and your collaborators will work as a team to

  • Plan how your group will collaborate
  • Pick a topic and an approach
  • Determine how your group will communicate (google docs are great). Some meetings will be necessary.
  • You may want to define roles so that everyone knows what is expected of them.
  • Research the subject so you can “teach” it
  • Your group needs to be informed. Research the topic using library resources as well as journalism and music.
  • Prof. Lingold will help with this step.
  • Craft a multimedia presentation
  • Your presentation should include musical examples as well as images
  • Be creative – you can use video, powerpoint, stage play, you name it!
  • Ensure interactive component
  • You might have your classmates do a homework assignment or hold a targeted discussion after a presentation
  • Learning is doing and doing is learning. That’s what this assignment is all about. How can you get your classmates involved so that they can learn from you?

*In advance of your presentation, each group will have a 30 minute meeting with Professor Lingold.

Important Requirement: Final Project Reflections

After your project presentation, you will write a one page document reflecting on your individual experience. In order to get credit for the group project, you must submit this document outlining the following:

  • Describe your role in the group project. What did you do and how?
  • Evaluate the project. What went well and what do you think could be improved?
  • What did you learn from the project? In terms of
  • Collaborating in a team

The subject matter

  • Suggest the grade that you think you earned on the project (Use a letter grade so A, A-, B+, etc….)
  • Upload this document to Canvas no later than Friday

Examples of PowerPoint Presentations for Students