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Given the global pandemic, several learning institutions and companies have had to go digital. As a result, such institutions and companies opt for online engagements, online assessment, and remote proctoring. experts, after a keen study of the technological trends and advancements, have put together all the information you need regarding the online proctored exam. Therefore, this article is to help you have a deeper understanding and assist you in the application. The future is all about e-learning. A projection indicates that in the next five years, universal digital marketing will get to approximately $330 billion US Dollars.

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As a result of the fast-growing online and digital industry, there is a need for the different technologies to offer the support needed to facilitate the entire projects and activities. Virtual proctoring is an online area gaining significance. However, the area would never become the essential mainstream had it not been for the growing demand for online course programs. Thus, dedicates their time to help different students with their online exams. In case you are wondering, “can someone do my online exam in 2020?” you are in the right place. We get to provide our clients with an online exam helper, who ensure that we “take my online exams review” and take online exams for you.

What is Online Proctored Exam?

In an online proctored exam or online proctored video test, candidates are monitored online during the time of the test using the help of a mic, webcam, and access to their screens. All candidates who intend to take an online proctored exam must have the following:

  1. A suitable laptop, tablet, or desktop PC.
  2. A fast and reliable internet connection.
  3. Functional mic and a webcam.
  4. The modern browsers, any of the modern ones, on your laptop or PC.

There are 3 fundamental types of proctoring:

  1. Recorded proctoring.
  2. Live online proctoring.
  3. The advanced automated proctoring.

Recorded Proctoring.

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In this technique, the proctor does not monitor the feeds in real-time. Conversely, there is a recording of the screen share, and the audio-video feeds as students take the test. Therefore, a representative then plays back the recordings in a 3X to 20X speed, that is, a fast-forwarded manner, and red-flags suspicious activities via annotations.

The major advantage of this method is that it eradicates both location and schedule constraints. On the other hand, it still needs humans to handle the reviews, and thus, it is expensive and not very scalable. The remote proctor or software secure now follows the recorded proctoring.

Live Online Proctoring.

When taking an online proctored exam, a qualified proctor monitors the activities of the candidates, the screen share, and audio-video feeds in real-time. The proctoring service provider will typically have people sitting in a remote area and trained to ensure the authentication of students and prevent or possibly red flag cheating of any form. Depending on the provider, a proctor can monitor up to ½ candidates.

The essential advantage of this technique is that it eliminates the proctoring constraint of location. On the other side, the limitations are that it remains the most expensive of all the different types of proctoring and the requirement of scheduling exams and equal involvement of humans since offline proctoring is not very scalable.

Lastly, this technique allows the person to take the test and the proctor to work even when they are a thousand miles apart. Note that the leading provider of this online model is the proctor.

The Advanced Automated Proctoring.

The automated proctoring is the most advanced type of proctoring. When using this proctoring model, the screen and audio-video feeds of the candidates taking the test are recorded in the course of the exam or test. Furthermore, in as much as the system records the feeds, it also monitors the feeds for any form of suspicious activity using advanced audio and video analytics.

Additionally, the system ensures that there is sufficient lighting in the room, candidates focus on the test screen when taking the exam, and check if there are any suspicious objects in the video and any voices in the background to reg flag the exam. Above all, the advanced automated proctoring uses face recognition to authenticate the students or candidates.

The critical advantage is that the model eradicates both location and schedule constraints. Additionally, the advanced automated proctoring does not need humans to conduct the review, and thus it is cost-effective and more scalable.

Can you Cheat on Online Proctored Exam?

In the current time of technological advancement, there exist online blogs trying to equip candidates with tips on how to trick several proctoring systems. However, from the blogs, there is an indication that students will have to go extra miles learning these tricks and have enough time to prepare to make the tricks successful. This is because, in the video proctoring system, the comprehensive audio-visual recordings require cross-verification at various points.

As a result, most candidates resort to adhering to exam regulations that go through all the efforts to cheat on an online proctored exam. The proctors involved have experience and adequate training to detect any form or hint of misconduct, such as students’ body language and eye movement. Nevertheless, the activity followed during online proctoring entails asking the students to conduct a test machine setup and record a video of their surroundings.

The bottom line is, the proctoring systems are getting more and more intelligent, making cheating a complicated task.

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How are Online Exams Monitored?

Proctored exams are timed exams taken as the proctoring software monitors the desktop, audio, and webcam video of your computer. The recorded data by the proctoring software is then transferred for review to a proctoring service. Note that proctored exams may not or maybe a requirement for your course and enrollment. In the event you have to take a proctored exam for your verified certificate:

  • It is impossible to take a proctored test using an edX mobile application.
  • You will have to install the proctoring software on your PC or computer every time you take an exam.
  • The first processes you will have to include the verification of your identity by taking a webcam photo of your face, the image of your ID, and scan your desk and the room where you will tackle the exam using a webcam.
  • Make sure that you follow the edX’s proctoring requirements and rules while taking the examination. In the event your course examination has different regulations and conditions, your course team will provide you with the guidance you require.
  • In the course of the exam, the proctoring software monitors your PC or computer, including running software, streams the data of the exam to the proctoring software through the cloud. Also, the software records audio and video from your webcam.

The proctoring service then review your exam session at the end of your exam. The results are ready after five days of submission. Lastly, for one to be eligible for course credit, first, you must pass the examination and, secondly, receive satisfactory results from the proctoring review.

How are Online Exams Held?

  • First step: The classification of e-assessments users into three broad categories:
  • Test-takers – test-takers are the individuals who sit for the assessment for evaluation purposes.
  • Conductors – conductors are the persons who prepare the tests, subjects, and the questions for the assessment purposes.
  • Supervisors – supervisors are the individuals managing the tests, the system users, system recovery, and back-up.
  • Second step: setting up the testing environment and uploading the test questions to the environment by the conductors.
  • Third step: providing the test takes with test IDs, identifications, which they will use to log on to the system and attempt the exam. These tests are automatically monitored and proctored for examinations that are of high stakes.
  • Fourth step: upon submission of tests by users, depending on the type of questions, they are either evaluated by the conductors or the system.
  • Fifth step: candidates receive their exam scores if required.

Are Online Exams Possible?

An online examination, also called e-examination or e-exam, allows examiners to conduct exams via the internet or a company-wide intranet for the remote students or candidates. Typically, most systems for the online examinations include the answer processing modules, allowing evaluators to give results as soon as the students finish the exam. In an online assessment, candidates can provide answers within a given time, and the test window then collapses as soon as the examination is over. The next step is the evaluators keeping the answers ready for evaluation.

The evaluators will then process answers; this can be done either through a manual process or an automated process. After that, the candidates get their results either through the information available on the website or via mails.

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How Do Online Classes Work?

Typically, online classes are a mix of live lectures or recordings with a supplement of readings and assessments that students complete within given times on their own.

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The education and the business institutions have experienced a drastic shift to online learning, meetings, and working given the global pandemic, COVID-19. In the efforts to help reduce the spread of the virus, learning institutions shut down and had to shift into emergency mode by moving academic activities and engagements online. Education experts fear that online learning will be the leading mode to keep the system in motion. Therefore, whether you are an incoming freshman, a seasoned senior, or an adult returning to learn, the following is an overview of how online classes work:

Typical Structure of an Online Classroom.

According to experts, the structure of online classrooms varies. However, the general structure entails students log in to a virtual portal or an LMS, or a learning management system to view the syllabus and their grades. Also, they can contact instructors or professors, support services, and classmates. Additionally, they get access to the course materials and, above all, monitor their progress on the various online lessons.

Prospective students should confirm whether the learning management service is mobile friendly to help them complete their coursework anywhere and anytime at their convenience. Furthermore, the students will require a strong internet connection and any specified software for online studies, such as a word processor.

Is There Need for Students to Attend Online Classes at Specified Times?

It is fundamental for prospective students to note that a typical online class has a self-placed or asynchronous section. In as much as students complete their coursework on their own, there is still a requirement to meet deadlines et for every week; this is a format that provides students with the flexibility they require.

However, in some online courses, there is a synchronous element. In such an instance, students have the opportunity to view lectures live online and, at some point, have the chance to take part in discussions via video conferencing such as zoom. Using videoconferencing is the most used technique, especially given the global pandemic, according to experts.

Does an Online Class Have an In-Person Element?

Some online classes might require students to attend residency on the campus of the school or in the course of the program. Prospective students need to note that there is a variation in the details and the length of the requirements. In some instances, students may have the chance to attend some informal sessions, network, and complete several team-building activities. This is mostly particular to the field of health, as some of the online programs may need working in real-life setups like the clinic.

Students Interaction in an Online Course.

Experts say that one of how online students interact is when a course requires students to travel to campus or when a course has a synchronous element. On the other hand, students can communicate by having interactive discussion forums and a social media account for doing group work, email, phone, as well as videoconferencing.

Also, it is vital to know that it is in similar ways that students interact with their professors. However, the students need to be more proactive as compared to the case of on-campus learners to have the chance to develop strong and interactive relationships with their professors or instructors.

General Workload for Online Courses.

Just like the regular or traditional classes, there is a variation in the workload. However, never expect the work to be more comfortable, given the fact that it is an online class. Several students who take online courses say that they spend approximately at least 15 hours to about at most 20 hours a week on coursework. It is essential to note that there might be a variation in the workload given part-time learning and full-time learning. Also, a lighter course, in most cases, translates to less study. There is also an indication that students generally spend six hours each week on course work. The six hours is for every credit in which they enroll.

Typical Assignments in Online Classes.

Generally, the assignments for the online courses vary and largely depend on the field or academic discipline. However, students taking online classes should expect tasks similar to those students on-campus or on-ground programs. Such may include proctored exams and research papers and online-specific assignments, such as responding to the questions posed by the professor in the discussion board.

In the event there is a group project; students need to have virtual communication and presentations. Unfortunately, this has proven to be a big challenge, especially for online students in different time zones.

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In conclusion, students need to take online classes to learn and embrace netiquette. By so doing, they can have coherent virtual discussions, meetings, and group projects. Also, learning institutions need to embrace going digital to keep us with them everyday technological advancement. Additionally, learning and business institutions should improve the technological skills of the students and the human resources respectively to help keep work in progress despite pandemic that will not allow people to work together. It is for this reason that presents this comprehensive article to address the question, “can someone do my online exam in 2020.”

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