Critical Annotated Bibliography on Money Heist

Critical Annotated Bibliography on Money Heist

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Qutub, A., Marie, D., Meer, S., & Alkurdi, A. Netflix and Crime: Identification with the Characters of La Casa de Papel Spanish Series. journal of arts & humanities, 5.

Qutub et al., (n.d.) note that a significant part of why the Professor, the main character in the film “La Casa de Papel” is the most likable character in the film is his problem-solving skills. The Professor is one of the most like characters in the film followed by Nairobi, Berlin, and Tokyo. The main character can improvise solutions for the various unexpected problems that arise during the heist. He is noticed by the audience for his patience, creativity, and intelligence. This is evident in his ability to come up with plans beforehand and excuse them whenever they are required. The authors note that the professor deserves to be the mastermind of the robbery.

Critical Annotated Bibliography

Shekhar, M. (2021). Money Heist: Alvaro Morte reveals bizarre ‘tricks and rituals’ he had to play The Professor. The Indian Express. Retrieved 7 January 2022.

Shekhar (2021) notes that the Professor is one of the most memorable characters in the File “Money Heist”. One of his most conspicuous traits is class which presents him as intelligent with the capability to execute plans on time. The author’s approach to the character shall play critical in the article analysis.

Abbott, M. (2021). 10 Smartest Characters In Money Heist, Ranked. ScreenRant. Retrieved 7 January 2022.

Abbott (2021) claims that the Professor is the most intelligent character in the film “Money Heist”. This is although he gets a lot of of support from Palermo, Lisbon, and Berlin. He uses his intelligence to manipulate the lead detective by forging a romantic relationship in an attempt to acquire critical details. According to the throughout this is psychopathic, something that shall be of interact to me within the course of writing the paper.

Novendri, R., Callista, A. S., Pratama, D. N., & Puspita, C. E. (2020). Sentiment analysis of YouTube movie trailer comments using naïve Bayes. Bulletin of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering1(1), 26-32.

Novendri et al., (2020) performed a sentiment analysis of the audience’s comments below the film’s YouTube Trailer. The method used for this analysis was the Naïve Bayes. The researchers noted that the majority of the positive was especially due to the audience’s fixation with the main character.

Mandal, S. V. P. K. (2016). ‘The Resistance’–An Anarchist insight on Alex Pina’s Money Heist (Doctoral dissertation, Government of India Best College 2016-17, University of Mumbai).

Mandal (2016) views the film Money Heist as anarcho-centric something that can be attributed to the portrayal of the main character based on his actions and intentions. This according to the researcher is a conspicuous aspect of the Spanish culture of anti-capitalism and anarchy. The researcher notes that the professor exploits the power structure in Spain and at a global level and leverages the weak points to further weaken them for the benefit of the individuals.

Cristófol Rodríguez, C., Meliveo Nogués, P., & Cristòfol, F. J. (2020). Release of the Fourth Season of Money Heist: Analysis of Its Social Audience on Twitter during Lockdown in Spain. Information11(12), 579.

Cristófol Rodríguez et al., (2020) focused on the audiences’ perception of the film Money Heist according to the reaction on social media. There was an observation that although the development of entertainment content has been decentralized, some films get attention across the globe impacting people of all cultures. Although the Professor is committing a crime he is universally recognized as a hero.

Mishra, A. (2020). Deep computer vision for the detection of tantalum and niobium fragments in high entropy alloys. Available at SSRN 3653210.

Mishra (2020) focuses on how computers are used to outsmart human beings by facilitating the niobium and tantalum fragments in the high entropy alloy. Deep computer vision facilitates the detection of objects along with the classification of images something that is used to enhance security. Here the researcher focuses on the use of computers for example via artificial intelligence.

Martínez-Borda, R., de-la-Fuente, J., & Lacasa, P. (2021). Digital Narratives During the Pandemic: TV Series, Social Media, and Conversations on the Internet. Frontiers in Psychology12, 677713-677713.

Martínez-Borda et al., (2021) note that Covid-19 has significantly changed the social landscape. Instead of people meeting physically for leisure and entertainment they coordinate online via social media. The film “Money Heist” dominated the online conversation between March and June 2020. Both qualitative and quantitative analysis was used in the exploration of this conversation indicating that the Professor was one of the most important characters in the film.

Qutub, A., Marie, D., Meer, S., & Alkurdi, A. (2019) Netflix and Crime: Identification with the Characters of La Casa de Papel Spanish Series. Journal of arts & humanities, 5.

Qutub et al., (2019) focus on the delivery of the film Money Heist. The main concern falls on the audience since the characters use the Spanish language. The researcher focuses on the translation of the dialogue from Spanish to English sounds dubby. Despite this inconvenience, the audience is still able to connect with the character “The Professor”.

Critical Annotated Bibliography

CK, J. (2021). A psychological character sketch of ‘THE PROFESSOR’ (money heist). Medium. Retrieved 7 January 2022.

CK (2021) performs a character sketch of the character “The Professor” in the film “Money Heist”. The author notes that the character has a significant influence on the audience which has grown to over fifty million views. The character’s intelligence is evident through his sophistication during the interaction with and manipulation of other characters in the film. This is of critical significance in the critical analysis of the film.

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