Chinese Foreign Policy Essay

Chinese Foreign Policy Essay

Chinese Foreign Policy Essay: Role and importance of the Middle East for China’s foreign and security policy

This is a CPP’s Arab policy paper on the Middle East targeting the government policymakers.

China has, over the years, been implementing the Chinese Foreign Policy Essay in the Middle East, which is more proactive and mainly leverages the countries energy and commercial interests. China also has diversified and consolidated its relations with the region, emphasizing crucial industries like transport, trade, and energy. The two have had prolonged ties to extend the economic investments and the sale of military technology.

This has been a priority to the Chinese Communist Party (CPP) with its leadership of Xi Jinping, who took a tour to Iran, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, to maintain regional political and economic stability, with the prospects of future business activities (Kamrava, 2018). Both the Chinese and the Middle Eastern governments aim to expand their respective investments in the service, port, and railway industry and reduce the impact of regional terrorism on political stability.

Chinese Foreign Policy Essay

The core pillar of Chinese Foreign Policy Essay in the Middle East was energy supply security, transport, and trade promotion, and security cooperation development. This is with the understanding China predominantly relies on the Middle East for oil despite the existence of alternative in Central Asia and Russia. The Key oil suppliers for China include Kuwait, UAE, Iraq, Iran, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, being the most significant oil exporter for China.

The existence of the oil business has facilitated the strengthening of energy and, consequently, economic cooperation; thus, the instability in the Gulf severely affects the Chinese economy (Kamrava, 2018). The Middle East is located between Asia and Europe, a strategic position in developing ports, railways, and bridges. Therefore, there is a need for peaceful development, which is addressed to ensure the region’s prosperity.

Therefore, there is a need for the Chinese government to play a role in the gathering of intelligence, control of borders, and the carrying out of antiterrorist operations. Transport to and fro the region has been secured with the anti-piracy policy due to the Chinese reliance on maritime shipments.

One of the challenges of this Chinese Foreign Policy Essay is the necessity of diplomatic finesse in the balance between Saudi Arabia and Iran along the Sunni Shia divide. Therefore by working with the Shia countries, China would antagonize the Sunni countries. Furthermore, there has been completed with other countries like Japan, the United States, and Russia to maximize economic interest in the region. The general instability in the Gulf region has facilitated the securing of assets to resolve conflicts in the region. This is with the understanding that military interventions might compromise good relations in the present day.

Through the Chinese Foreign Policy Essay in UAE, China has become a significant player in the Middle East over the past decade. This is although a relative newcomer is approaching security and political challenges. Furthermore, it has facilitated the negotiations for policymakers to gain regional stability and other medium and long-term dynamics. The relationship between China and the Middle East is mainly based on the oil market, which is well addressed in the policy. This is to avoid replicating the interventions applied, thus ensuring a neutral engagement with the countries.

The Chinese Foreign Policy Essay in the Middle East has facilitated the substitution between military and neutral engagement by ensuring a mutually beneficial agreement between the parties involved. Here, it is essential to note democratic peace that the United States commonly applies, which the Chinese government has replaced with developmental peace. This is because the strategy applied by the West has made the region very volatile both economically and politically despite the presence of vast natural resources (Prifti, 2017). By deepening the security and political engagement, the Middle East can now rely on the Chinese government for trade partnerships instead of the United States.

Applying mediation strategies that can be challenged has become quite difficult, with strict causation being applied in peacekeeping and anti-piracy operations. However, China has been termed to be a free-rider in the Middle East because of its benefit on the Western militarization of the region.

Therefore, China requires military peacekeepers in the region but does not get political criticism for the indirect interferences with the region’s stability (Jones, 2019). Technological cooperation between China and Israel has led to security strategies as a hedging strategy. One of the Chinese Foreign Policy Essay in the Middle East flaws is that CPP is perceived to be an opportunist due to taking a passive role in the region’s political dynamics.

Chinese Foreign Policy Essay

The Chinese political and economic intervention in the Middle East has a significant impact on European economic engagement and democratic development. Therefore, there is a need to negotiate a multilateral framework to protect European security and political engagement in the region. The development of critical infrastructure has affected the nature of investment in the region.

The standards established by China have facilitated economic infrastructure, good governance, human rights, and good governance (Sun & Zoubir, 2018). The authoritarian capitalism applied by the Communist Party of China has undermined human rights and governance reform in the region, which the European governments have fought very hard to restore.

China has played a critical role in the focusing of constructive efforts and the facilitation of cooperation among Middle Eastern governance. This hinders the promotion of governance standards and the facilitation of constructive relationships to ensure that there is zero-sum competition. The nature of Chinese interaction with the Middle East is the reflection of real ambitions and capacities.

Therefore, China is a bargaining chip for the Middle East, which can be attributed to the diversification of power in the Middle East. The industrialization of China has enabled them to produce adequate weaponry, facilitating the general improvement in technology in the region. The underestimation of the political influence over the Middle East by China may be having been exaggerated in the ease of the isolation.

China’s involvement in the Middle East recognizes the value of engagement in advancing both interests and positions. The application of bargaining tactics will facilitate the advancement of the shared policies and goals (Pant, 2017). Therefore, it is recommendable that the Chinese government has made deliberate attempts to distance itself from regional stability by distancing itself from personal networks, long-standing relationships, understanding, and cultural proximity.

I, therefore, recommend that the Chinese government apply partnership diplomacy in the establishment of economic cooperation and the establishment of strategic partnerships with Middle Eastern counties like Turkey, Oman, Qatar, Morocco, Jordan, Iraq, and Djibouti. There is a relative deficit for security commitment in the creation of regional rivalry. The hierarchical nurture of the partnerships between China and other government should not exploit the Middle East.

Additionally, it is necessary that the Chinese government finds a Middle ground instead of leveraging the dominance of Beijing in the making of political decisions. This is very threatening to the political structure and the execution of Democratic dominance in the Middle Eastern region. The origin of the Covid19 pandemic has depressed the export business in China, something that has facilitated the creation of multilateral relationships.

The dual circulation strategy aims to stabilize economic growth by prioritizing innovation and domestic consumption (DEGANG & DANDAN, 2018). China can also embed the United States and Europe in its diplomatic interactions with various countries in the Middle East, which does not involve the invitation to complacence I the disintegration of the CPP’s regime. This will prevent an economic and political void in case of any political instability in China.

The competitive challenge had to be right-sized to maintain the Chinese Foreign Policy Essay and advocate for the United States. The US has economic resources and the ability to create partnerships and network alliances, facilitating the economy’s galvanizing. Just like the United States, China can focus on rebuilding its home rather than repositioning abroad. There is, therefore, a need for external reliability and internal competence in the presentation of a global leadership capacity.

Chinese Foreign Policy Essay

China can take advantage of the fact that the United States, under the leadership of President Donald Trump, withdrew various multilateral trade agreements, for example, Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces, UN Educational Science and culture, and the Trans-Pacific partnership. The increased coverage surveillance apparatus has been very damaging to the reputation of the ambitious CPP, something that has granted the United States and other Western democracies to advance their national interest effectively.

Another recommendation involves striving for durable cohabitation in confronting various severe economic challenges facing the global economy (Benabdallah, 2018). The economic order applied by the Chinese government has increased the sensitivity of severance along with the establishment of the famous 5G infrastructure. China cannot claim to provide political stability in the Middle East while authoritarianism of the CPP in the Middle East.

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